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    This platform is for those who are willing to learn and preparing him self for coming future storm in information technology field– Bigdata. Kind of attention or some people refer as hype, Big data has received from last 2-3 years is absolutely phenomenal. Lots of research claiming that the Bigdata is next milestone od IT service industry.

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  • Adding ACID to Apache Hive

     want to provide that generalized UPDATE capability to the rest of the Hive community without creating a new SQL engine on top of Hadoop.

    HIVE-5317 - Implement insert, update, and delete in Hive with full ACID support

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02/May 2014

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What is Difference between Secondary namenode, Checkpoint namenode & backupnode

Before we understand difference between Name node siblings, we need to understand Name node, you can Click Here!

Secondary namenode is deprecated and now it is known as checkpoint node. Hadoop latest version after 2.0 supports checkpoint node.

However Secondary namenode and backup nodes are not same. Backup node performs same operation of checkpointing  and do one more task than to Secondary/Checkpoint namenode is maintains an updated copy of FSImage in memory(RAM). It is always synchronized with namenode.  So there is no need to copy FSImage & log file from namenode.

Because Backupnode keep upto date changes in RAM, So Backupnode and Namenode’s RAM should be of same size.


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31/January 2014

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What is map side join and reduce side join?

Two different large data can be joined in map reduce programming also. Joins in Map phase refers as Map side join, while join at reduce side called as reduce side join.  Lets go in detail, Why we would require to join the data in map reduce. If one Dataset A has master data and B has sort of transactional data(A & B are just for reference).

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09/December 2013

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What is Big data? A hype or new buzz word only?

Bigdata is getting lots of hype in industry and corporates. I also encountered with this word Bigdata and Hadoop a year back. I Could not understand it in depth in one go. But I understood that there is some thing tempting and attractive in this field.So I had decided to understand the future trend, insight , market value and career growth in Bigdata/hadoop.

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02/December 2013

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What is bag in pig?

Guy coming from RDBMS may assume it as a table. actually in pig row is usually referred as tuple and bag is collection of tuples. Bag is allowed to hold duplicate tuples(records). But there is a difference between table and bag is, table expect every row to have same number of coloumn and same data type. while pig does not restrict to follow these rules.

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